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Is Staging Really Necessary When Selling? Yes!
February 09 2016
February 09 2016

Real estate experts have long been proclaiming the necessity for staging a home before it goes on the market. Just how important is staging? Done correctly, staging can elevate the sales price from six to 20 percent as well as help the sale occur more quickly.

What’s the main mantra for staging? Less is more. The idea is to neutralize the home so that potential buyers can visualize their own personal belongings in the space.

Here are a few tried-and-true guidelines for staging:
• Clean and clean again until everything sparkles! This includes outside the house into the walkway and driveway.
• Fix anything and everything that’s even slightly amiss. A dripping faucet is a turn-off (pardon the pun).
• Neutralize colors. Off-white is the way to go.

That being said, the home will need some warm touches, a book or magazine on a coffee table, a basket of flowers at the entry or a bowl of ripe red apples in the kitchen. In our highly competitive market, professional staging is de rigueur. Contact me at (415)596-9362 if you need recommendations for decorators, stagers, or any other home-related service provider.


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