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Clients are Saying

It was a pleasure working with Lorraine and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to buy a property in California.

Wow! My landlord was trying to kick me out of my apartment, I winded up beginning a very reluctant house/condo search in SF. In the process, I  randomly met Lorraine at an open house, I told her about my situation, she handed me her business card and the following day we had our first meeting. I was very impressed by the depth of her bay area real estate knowledge. When it came to educating me about what I needed to do as a first time homeowner, she did not hesitate to telling what I needed to know or sending me informative documents. She pretty much gave me all the possible scenarios based on my financial situation.

Once I got all pre-approved and pre-qualified from the bank, Lorraine already had a list of places she wanted me to see. During the process, she was constantly communicating with me  about every details of the buying process. Once one of our offers got accepted in SF, Lorraine was once again on top of things. She was constantly communicating with the seller to make sure they fix all the issues raised after the inspection.  During this process Lorraine was an excellent adviser as to what steps I needed to take. What blew my mind the most, was her extreme attention to detail and how well she is organized.

It was a pleasure working with Lorraine and I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who wants to buy a property in California. This woman knows her stuff!
She is very assertive, very meticulous and also a great communicator.
She treated me in very protective fashion, always making sure that I was happy.
Folks, don't waste your time just give her a call, she'll have your back!
Lorraine's Blog
When did withholding start for California residents?
The withholding law applies to dispositions of California real estate by both residents and non-residents which close on and after January 1, 2003. Previously, withholding was only required of non-resident sellers.

Why was this withholding law enacted?
As part of attempting to balance the state budget, this withholding provision was added to legislation on the last day of the Legislative session in 2002. It was estimated to accelerate collection of $285 million in additional state revenue.

Who is responsible for withholding?
The law requires the buyer (called the transferee) to withhold from what would otherwise be paid to the seller.

What unit at the Franchise Tax Board handles the withholding?
The Withholding Services and Compliance Section handles the withholding. Phone number is (888) 792-4900 and information can be found on their website at: 1016.pdf

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