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First Must-Do Before Buying a Home
February 16 2016
February 16 2016

You want ot purchase a home and it's time to get a pre-approval. Stop! A pre-approval isn't good enough in today's market. Take the extra steps and get a fully underwritten Loan Pre-Approval. Fully Underwritten Loan Pre-Approval Loans allow for quick closing times and the seller usually loves a quick close of escrow! Here's what the means: the unerwriter reviews your credit, income, assets and issue a fully underwritten ploan pre-approval with conditions.  This way you are not only confident you can obtain a loan, but the seller will as well.

The fully underwritten loan pre-approval elimanites any underwriting suprises home sellers and listing agents fear most,  it makes you competitive with all cash buyers and it moves you ahead of other prospective buyers who need longer escrow periods.

The benefits of Underwriting Pre-approval:

  • You can shop for a new home with the confidence of knowing you have secured financing.
  • You can make an offer when you find the prefect home
  • You can beat out other bidders and a seller is more than likley to entertain your offer as you have already secured solid financing compared to other buyers that have not.
  • That leaves the purchase contract, the title work and appraisal to underwrite for closing once you get your offer accepted.

Don't just get pre-approved; get a fully underwritten loan pre-approval to be competetive in todays fast moving market!


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